William Duncan

Bo instilled strong work ethic and tenacity in all his players. Our Texas Hawkeyes practice schedules and training sessions were designed to intensively challenge us not only physically, but mentally as well. Baseball was his platform, but Bo’s lessons transcended baseball. Bo used to tell us, “There is no elevator to success. You must take the stairs.” What he meant by that was that the path to achievement is always challenging, and the only person that can take you across the finish line is yourself. He helped me realize that whatever my goals were in life, I could achieve them […]

Will Gray, Esq.

I graduated from law school a couple of years ago and I am currently married and working as an Assistant District Attorney in the Waco, Texas. Despite the fact that I last played for Coach Bo Porter 15 years ago, I learned numerous lessons from him that stick with me to this day. The one that stands out above all the others is that in order to succeed you must be mentally prepared. It doesn’t matter how tired you are, how early it is, or how much work you have already done that day. The person who is the most […]

Why Athletes Succeed or Fail

Course Description: In Bo Porter Future All-Stars Sports Virtual Learning Institution course “Why Athletes Succeed or Fail” you will learn the critical factors that cause underachievers to fall and champions to soar to the mountaintop. You are made to be a champion, but only you can claim what’s made for you. This course will clearly outline the characteristics embodied by champions and reveal the known truths that plague those who fail to reach their full potential. The Coach of Champions, Bo Porter gives great insight and concepts that can be applied by student-athletes, parents and coaches. Remember this: Sports and […]

Christian Long

There were a lot of things that I learned from the Future All-Stars Sports program and Coach Bo, but one of the most profound things that I learned was leadership. We broke down the key components of leadership and talked about how to be a leader. We learned that these things can be applied to any aspect in life and that by learning how to lead you can not only become a better teammate and player but a more impactful person in any aspect of life.

Cullen Cone

Bo taught us something in his Future All-Stars Sports program that I have lived by since the day I first heard it. Bo simplified the struggle it takes to reach your goals by an analogy that is very simple to understand. “Life is like a bank account. You cannot withdraw more than you deposit.” In the acute sense, it meant that we must practice our game of baseball in order to succeed in the form of outscoring the opponent. But here is what sets the Future All-Stars Program apart; Bo didn’t let it stop there, he taught us to integrate […]