Championship Dads’ Club

Championship Dads’ Club is on a mission to inspire dads to love and lead their family in a way embodied by champions.

Our vision is to host gatherings where iron sharpens iron and to create memorable moments through group activities and shared experiences.

Being a member of the Championship Dads’ Club will provide you access to a group that thrives and grows through our accountability to one another. Investing your time and energy in the Championship Dads’ Club can be a transformational building block for a strong family.

We are a group of committed people bringing intense awareness to the impact fathers have on their family. Our message will encourage you to embrace your purpose, live with a focused intention of high character as a dad, give you a platform to inspire others and an opportunity to be inspired by other team members and contributors. Our goal is to provide guidance, knowledge and wisdom to all dads who desire to raise their kids to embody the life of being a champion.

As a part of our core belief that children thrive when they have guidance from adults who truly care about them, their potential and their future, CDC will provide college scholarships and grants for college-worthy students living in economically challenged households.

Join the Championship Dads’ Club and be a Championship Dad to your family, kids and community.

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