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We go beyond the game on the field!

Dear Parents, Student-Athletes, Coaches and Professional Players:

Real Excellence SPORTS (RE SPORTS) is proud to introduce its sports mental training, leadership and character development curriculum. RE SPORTS Career in Sports Development Academy (CiSDA) is a first-in-kind sports institution of higher learning. Read ahead to learn how this crucial training prepares young athletes for the realities of professional sports — on and off the field.

Beyond Physical Training

The fact is, parents and student-athletes face issues and challenges on a daily basis when participating in sports. It is critical that we support character development among athletes, and especially up-and-coming athletes. After all, larger-than-life sports figures exert incredible influence over the lives of countless young people. According to a Kaiser Family Foundation study, 73 percent of boys and girls named Olympic or professional athletes as people they “look up to or want to be like.” So as our student athletes grow into prominence, they, too, will hold a special place in the collective psyche of our society. Our mission is to support, guide and mentor them to meet this challenge as positive and successful role models.

Real World Experience

Through CiSDA, RE SPORTS Founder and President Bo Porter is able to share his 20 plus years of professional experience as a Major League Player, Coach, Manager, MLB Network Analyst, Entrepreneur, Leadership Coach, Motivational Speaker and Mentor with future generations. CiSDA applies a holistic approach that focuses on whole person development and prepares young athletes to be ambassadors for their sport, their team and their communities.

Preparing for the Realities

Athletes are in the spotlight. Many collectively and individually exemplify the best in sportsmanship, civic duty and capitalistic enterprise. But some have failed. Unfortunately, we have witnessed several media outtakes on negative stories regarding athletes. This hurts not only the parties involved, but sports in general. It also impacts society’s perception of professional athletes and affects multiple sectors of revenue streams. This is why mental training, leadership and character development is imperative, as physical training alone cannot adequately prepare an athlete for the limelight.

CiSDA helps athletes benefit from media outlets and the capital market empires these outlets build. It also helps young athletes plan ahead for the “End Game.”

So Whats The End Game?

Sports is a career with a timeline, but education, character and professionalism will last a lifetime! CiSDA goes beyond “play ball” and focuses on the End Game — the lifelong attributes an athlete needs to succeed on and off the field (and in future endeavors). Our curriculum helps develop the aspects of the game that are grossly overlooked and undervalued by many. These are the aspects that we believe are major determining factors as student athletes reach, or in some cases exceed, their potential.

A Personal Note

Thank you, parents, student-athletes, coaches and professional athletes for your interest in CiSDA and the overall development and future of your student-athlete. I look forward to meeting, working with and witnessing the impact CiSDA will have as your student athlete learns to navigate the pro sports arena on and off the field. If you should have any question or concerns, please dont hesitate to contact me at (832) 799-3564.

~ Bo Porter
Founder & President

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