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Inspiring student-athletes to achieve whole-person development, educating and advising parents and empowering educators and coaches to become transformational leaders.


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    [I]t wasn’t until after my athletic career that I fully understood how the program changed my everyday decision-making. To say it simply, [Bo Porter] has a personable approach that maximizes the potential of individuals.

    Bo and his staff are committed to developing responsible student-athletes with vision, drive, and confidence. They are experts at teaching the necessities to succeed in all aspects of life. The skills that you will learn through Bo’s programs are truly invaluable.


    We are grateful to Mr. Porter and would highly recommend the program to any parent who wants to expose their student to a positive role model interested in preparing students to transition into the world with tools necessary to be a productive citizen in society.

  • S. LONG, SR.
    [Bo Porter] has always combined his “best-in-class” baseball knowledge with his top-shelf knowledge of what it takes to be a successful young man in and outside of baseball including leadership training, discipline, life coaching when they have run into problems and what does it mean to be a “professional” just to name a few.
    [T]here were far more important benefits he acquired which he can use for a lifetime off the field. The words that come to mind are commitment, critical thinking skills, time management, and a desire to challenge himself to reach his goals.

    Thank you Bo for allowing me to see what you saw in me all those years ago. You have left an imprint on me that has helped me achieve feats that I never thought were possible. Your intellect and altruism are a huge part of the reason why I am who I am today.

    [Bo Porter’s] coaching style was different than anything I had experienced. It was due to his personal interest in each of his players. He took the time to know us and to mentor us.

    I would recommend that any parent looking to place their son in a high-quality program seriously consider Bo Porter’s program. Bo Porter is a man of extraordinary integrity. The benefits gained are endless.

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