William Duncan

Bo instilled strong work ethic and tenacity in all his players. Our Texas Hawkeyes practice schedules and training sessions were designed to intensively challenge us not only physically, but mentally as well. Baseball was his platform, but Bo’s lessons transcended […]

Will Gray, Esq.

I graduated from law school a couple of years ago and I am currently married and working as an Assistant District Attorney in the Waco, Texas. Despite the fact that I last played for Coach Bo Porter 15 years ago, […]

Christian Long

There were a lot of things that I learned from the Future All-Stars Sports program and Coach Bo, but one of the most profound things that I learned was leadership. We broke down the key components of leadership and talked […]

Cullen Cone

Bo taught us something in his Future All-Stars Sports program that I have lived by since the day I first heard it. Bo simplified the struggle it takes to reach your goals by an analogy that is very simple to […]

Gabriel Babineaux

When I think about the time invested into Bo’s program I think about where I was, to where I am, to where I’m going. I was introduced to the program through a friend and was invited to one of the […]

Shirley Cossey

My two sons participated in Bo Porter’s programs from 2004 until 2011, first with the Future All-Stars, then later with the Texas Hawkeyes. As a mother of teenage sons, I wanted only opportunities that exposed them to positive influences. Their […]

Trey Talley

I had the honor of playing for Bo Porter all through out my high school years. His coaching style was different than anything I had experienced. It was due to his personal interest in each of his players. He took […]

Joshua LeBlanc

The fall of 1997, I met a man that started out as my coach, but would later become a mentor and close friend. He would teach me things through the game of baseball that would help shape me into the […]

Laurie Nicolai

My son participated in Bo Porter’s baseball program from the age of 14 to 18. Undeniably a very important and formative time in his life. Without a doubt his baseball program was unlike any we had seen or heard of […]

S. Long, Sr.

Both of my sons worked under the baseball tutelage of Coach Bo. Being a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, developing my sons into successful young men is of utmost important to me. Coach Bo shares […]