Laurie Nicolai

My son participated in Bo Porter’s baseball program from the age of 14 to 18. Undeniably a very important and formative time in his life.

Without a doubt his baseball program was unlike any we had seen or heard of before. Just by watching the practices alone you could see they were on a very different level of dedication and attention to detail. Trey not only learned the mechanics of baseball but the underlying strategy of the coach’s decisions. His knowledge of baseball is far superior than most due to the teachings of Bo and his staff.

However, there were far more important benefits he acquired which he can use for a lifetime off the field. The words that come to mind are commitment, critical thinking skills, time management, and a desire to challenge himself to reach his goals. He spent time around Bo who demonstrated a healthy lifestyle and a strong commitment to faith and family.

Besides their children’s attitudes focusing on their future they can expect to hear often…..”Well, Bo says this (fill in the blank) and Bo says that (fill in the blank) which will be a repeating of uplifting, goal oriented quotes and which by the way he can still repeat 10 years later. I am forever thankful that Bo and his program were part of Trey’s upbringing and believe he is a better man for it.

I strongly suggest and recommend Bo Porter and his program to any parent.