Shirley Cossey

My two sons participated in Bo Porter’s programs from 2004 until 2011, first with the Future All-Stars, then later with the Texas Hawkeyes. As a mother of teenage sons, I wanted only opportunities that exposed them to positive influences. Their relationship with Bo continues to this day.

Bo, thru his baseball program, provided my sons with life skills that have been instrumental as they transitioned to adulthood. They were expected to not only model fitness, team effort and fair play, but also realize the value of education, respectfulness, confidence, hard work and perseverance. These qualities when practiced on the baseball field, flowed over to other aspects of their lives.

After one year of being in the program, I admit that my sons had joined to play baseball, but remained for many other reasons. My sons were not only learning how to win at the game of baseball, but a much more important lesson, and that was “what it takes to WIN at the game of life.”

I would recommend that any parent looking to place their son in a high quality program seriously consider Bo Porter’s program. Bo Porter is a man of extraordinary integrity. The benefits gained are endless.