Cullen Cone

Bo taught us something in his Future All-Stars Sports program that I have lived by since the day I first heard it. Bo simplified the struggle it takes to reach your goals by an analogy that is very simple to understand. “Life is like a bank account. You cannot withdraw more than you deposit.” In the acute sense, it meant that we must practice our game of baseball in order to succeed in the form of outscoring the opponent. But here is what sets the Future All-Stars Program apart; Bo didn’t let it stop there, he taught us to integrate this philosophy into our daily lives, and at this point we were just teenagers. What I did not understand until years later, was that Bo was making sure we had this philosophy integrated into our foundation before that foundation was influenced by the inevitable struggles that lay in front of us as we moved on from baseball and into the game of life. Bo knew that we needed more than baseball skills to get through life and he integrated philosophies that made us better men. Whether or not we chose to use his advice was up to us, but I am telling you that as a believer, “putting more in than I take out” has paid dividends in my own life and not in the sense of finances. I am talking about in the sense of being a better son, brother, friend, husband, a better man.

I am currently an operations engineer for an oil and gas company in Houston. At the same time, I am finishing up my MBA at Rice University, where I have spent the last 2 years attending classes every other Friday and Saturday. I married my wife, Elizabeth, in 2016, and we currently have no kids but plan to begin having kids in a few years. Life has evolved from baseball, but it still remains my favorite sport. I have worked my baseball swing into a golf swing, nothing wrong with that!