Will Gray, Esq.

I graduated from law school a couple of years ago and I am currently married and working as an Assistant District Attorney in the Waco, Texas.

Despite the fact that I last played for Coach Bo Porter 15 years ago, I learned numerous lessons from him that stick with me to this day. The one that stands out above all the others is that in order to succeed you must be mentally prepared. It doesn’t matter how tired you are, how early it is, or how much work you have already done that day. The person who is the most mentally prepared to attack the task at hand is the most likely to be successful. The team that is most ready to play is the team that wins the game.

This lesson was true when I was 13 years old playing for Bo in the 3rd game of a tripleheader. It was true during 5 AM workouts with my college baseball program. It was true during law school when workloads required students to operate on little to no sleep. And it has remained true to this day. Bo taught me how to get into the right mindset to attack each challenge and it has helped me get to where I am today.