Congratulations to the FASB Major Stars 12U Blue, 11U Blue & 9U Blue for Winning Championships this Weekend!

Hello Champions,

It’s with great honor and pleasure we share the tremendous accomplishments of the three FASB Championship Teams from this weekend.

We are especially proud of our 9U Blue for winning Back-to-Back CHIPS! It’s been an absolute joy to witness the development of our 9U Blue team. Yes, this is the same group of kids that couldn’t get out of an inning in February and now it’s June and they just won Back-to-Back CHIPS! This weekend was a total TEAM effort! Miles Dickerson was the tournament MVP after dominating on the mound and at the plate. Oh, I can not forget this nugget; they won on Championship Sunday when ONLY 9 of the 13 roster players were available to compete!

Our 11U Blue dominated the field in route to a perfect 4-0 record this weekend. They outscored their opponents 46-12 which included shutout in the Semifinals and Championship Games. The Offense was led by Mason Cotton, Noah Williams, Davis Bartee and Max Jimenez. On the mound Parker Paradis, Anthony Alaniz, Max Villanueva, and Easton Turner were lights out. Defensively Michael Leal, Garrett Munoz and MJ Miller made some outstanding plays as well. The 12U Blue received excellent pitching from Tyler Mefford, Camden Ward, Dean Cooper, Carson White & Brady Cesarski. The overall defense was superb with some great plays made by Solomon Lockett, Christine Sims and Seth Cox. Offensively Cody Ward enjoyed a breakout performance at the plate, Dean Cooper delivered clutch hits and the return of Landon Victorian was a big boost for the offense and defense. Both teams did a tremendous job of situational hitting and running the bases. This was a great tuneup for the DFW World Series next week.

Let’s keep grinding! Those that stay true and trust the process will enjoy the fruits of their labor. You all are Champions today because you’ve developed the mindset of a champion! Congratulations and again we are all so very proud of you all!

During our Grand Opening and first parents and players meeting last April I shared the pillars of our organization. Those pillars included the following:

  1. Process
  2. Purpose
  3. Perseverance
  4. Preparation
  5. Professionalism

To sum up all of the above; our Organizational philosophy has always been to create a culture where players can learn and grow. History has proven that it’s in a growth environment where champions can be developed. I believe the success our players are currently enjoying and will further enjoy is made possible because they…⬇️

  1. Trust the Process.
  2. Practice with a Purpose.
  3. Accept the fact that champions are crowned on the other side of Perseverance.
  4. Know that Preparation is the key that unlocks their performance.
  5. Will always place Professionalism as a priority.

Since we started in 1998, our desire to help youth champion all aspects of life has never wavered. We have one very powerful mission. It can be described in one word: DEVELOPMENT

Below are the rosters of all three championship teams. Join me in congratulating them on a job well done!

12U Blue Major Stars June 18-19 (Perfect Game Summer Smash at Doss) Active Roster:

  • Kai Anderson
  • Brady Cesarski
  • Dillon Cooper
  • Seth Cox
  • Solomon Lockett
  • Christian Sims
  • Camden Ward
  • Cody Ward
  • Carson White
  • Landon Victorian
  • Tyler Mefford (from 12U Red)
  • Grayson Quincy (from 12U Red)

Coaches: Bo, Tre, & Mike

11U Blue Major Stars June 18-19 (Perfect Game Summer Smash at Doss) Active Roster:

  • Anthony Alaniz
  • Davis Bartee
  • Max Jimenez
  • Michael Leal
  • MJ Miller
  • Garrett Munoz
  • Parker Paradis
  • Easton Turner
  • Max Villanueva
  • Noah Williams
  • Mason Cotton (from 10U)
  • Sebastian Martinez (from 11U Red

Coaches: Bo, Mike, Tre, Torik, & Mack

9U Blue Major Stars June 18-19 (Perfect Game Summer Smash at Doss) Active Roster:

  • Apollo Brooks
  • Julius Jarmon
  • Miles Dickerson
  • Khori Mack
  • Landon Glenn
  • David Moreno
  • Chancellor Griggs
  • Caleb Wilson
  • Alejandro Rodriguez
  • Derrick Edwards (Saturday Only)
  • Daniel Edwards (Saturday Only)

Coaches: Rob, Josh, Keith, & Mitch

Parents thank you again for the opportunity you have provided us to pour into your kids. We greatly appreciate your efforts and trust. In closing, I want to personally thank our coaches for all their time and efforts. They challenge our players every day to compete at a high level.