CONGRATULATIONS to the FASB 12U Blue, 11U Blue, & 10U for winning CHIPS & Final Organizational Records

Congratulations to the FASB 12U Blue, 11U Blue, and 10U for winning Tournament Championships this past weekend.

The 12U Blue played up in the 13U Division & ran the table with a perfect 4-0 record for the second straight weekend. The 12U Blue finished the summer riding a 17-game winning streak and three straight championships!

The 11U Blue played up in the 12U Division & also ran the table with a perfect 4-0 record for the second straight week. The 11U Blue finished the season riding an 8-game winning streak and back-to-back championships.

The 10U capped off a banner season by playing up and winning the championship in the 11U Division. They finished the spring/summer season winners of an organizational best 6 Championships.

Now that the spring/summer competition season has ended. Let’s take a look at our Final Organizational Records.

Final 2022 FASB Records

FASB Overall Record
28-7 Record in Championship Games

9U Red (0-11-0)

9U Blue (22-21-0)
(3x Champs)

10U (33-14-1)
(6x Champs)
(USSSA State Champs)

11U Red (16-21-1)
(2x Champs)

11U Blue (41-11-0)
(5x Champs)

12U Red (15-20-0)

12U Blue (44-12-0)
(5x Champs)
(USSSA World Series Champs)
(#1 in Texas, ended season on 17 game winning streak)

13U (19-16-0)
(2x Champs)

14U (17-19-0)
(2x Champs)

16U Red (4-9-0)

16U Blue (14-1-0)
(3x Champs)

18U (4-4-1)
(1x Champs)

The above results are a credit to the tremendous efforts of our players, coaches and parents. I’m looking forward to what the future holds for our players. Please mark your calendar for our Parents and Players meetings on July 31st.

Let’s keep grinding for the shine!