Congratulations to the FASB 13U RED For Winning the USSSA Scrap Yard Battle of the Bats Tournament Championship

It’s with great honor and pleasure we share the tremendous accomplishments of the FASB 13U RED Championship from this weekend. We are extremely proud of our 13U RED for winning their first CHIP of the season. They went a perfect 5-0, won the quarterfinals and semifinals games by 1 run, and WON the Championship game 4-0. This weekend was a total team effort!

During our Organizational Meeting, I shared the pillars of our organization. Those pillars included the following:

  1. Process
  2. Purpose
  3. Perseverance
  4. Preparation
  5. Professionalism

To sum up all of the above, our Organizational philosophy has always been to create a culture where players can learn and grow. History has proven that it’s in a growth environment where champions can be developed. I believe the success our players are currently enjoying and will further enjoy is made possible because they…⬇️

  1. Trust the Process.
  2. Practice with a Purpose.
  3. Accept the fact that champions are crowned on the other side of Perseverance.
  4. Know that Preparation is the key that unlocks their performance.
  5. Will always place Professionalism as a priority.

Since we started in 1998, our desire to help youth champion all aspects of life has never wavered. We have one very powerful mission. It can be described in one word: DEVELOPMENT.

Below is the roster of the FASB 13U RED championship team. Join me in congratulating them on a job well done!

FASB 13U Red May 19-21 Tournament Roster

  • Antonio Dominique
  • Daniel Quiroz
  • Hayden Bourgeois
  • Aidan Schneider
  • Madison Perry
  • Maverick Meloni
  • Tyler Prater
  • Davian Garcia
  • Beau Mixon
  • Max Jimenez (From 12U Royal)
  • Noah Williams (From 12U Royal)
  • Michael Leal (From 12U Royal)
  • Catcher Smith (SATURDAY ONLY)
  • Aidan Sadai (SUNDAY ONLY)
  • Jayden Tunley (SUNDAY ONLY)



Parents, thank you again for the opportunity you have provided us to pour into your kids. We greatly appreciate your efforts and trust. In closing, I want to give special thanks and recognition to our coaches on a job well done. All of our coaches have impacted our players overall development, and accomplishments like this allow us all to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

At FASB, we challenge our players every day to compete at a high level, and this weekend their talents, fortitude and commitment to being a champion were on display. Congratulations again on a job well done!