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Enroll today in Future All-Stars Sports Online ACCELERATED HITTING PROGRAM and learn directly from “The Coach of Champions” Bo Porter and other highly qualified instructors and coaches. Bo is a former MLB Player, Coach, Manager, Executive and current Network Analyst for the Washington Nationals. His tutelage has helped countless hitters achieve great feats. In 2014 Bo managed Houston Astros All-Star Second Baseman José Altuve, who was the 2014 American League Batting Champion and 2017 American League MVP. Bo’s 26-plus years of experience in professional sports gives him a wealth of knowledge to share with hitters from youth development to the professional level.Course Schedule:The course will begin on the 1st day of the month and conclude on the 16th day of the month. All lessons, videos, PDF, documents, articles, graphs, discussion topics, interactive learning and assignments are uploaded to the CiSDA MoLIP daily with detail instructions. Each lesson is approximately 15-20 minutes per day during the 16-Day course. But you can revisit the platform at anytime using your CiSDA MoLIP login Identification Number. This course is offered:October 1st-16th (Fall S1)November 1st-16th (Fall S2)February 1st-16th (Spring S1)March 1st-16th (Spring S2)April 1st-16th (Spring S3)Why you should take this course:Young hitters today are being overwhelmed with tons of information that cause them to overthink a process that’s best accomplished through timing, rhythm, balance, proper breathing, confidence, and tension free reactions. The art of hitting becomes more manageable and obtainable when a hitter possess the ability to turn the unpredictable into predictable probabilities using proven concepts, analytics and the ability to control the controllable. This course will help you better understand the fundamental absolutes of hitting, the importance of moving on to the next pitch, and what constitutes a productive at bat.Who should take this course:This online development course is intended for student-athletes and professionals proactively looking to develop as a hitter and reach their full potential. Developing your skills can help you improve but enhancing your mental capacity and knowledge will give you a distinct competitive advantage over your competitors. You have a great opportunity to take your game to the highest level and we will provide the platform, elite instruction and resources to make that possible. This online course will place you on a team with others who share a growth mindset and commitment to excellence.This course is offered to our:Minor Stars- 9th & 10th GraderMajor Stars Level- 11th & 12th GradeCollegiate StarsProfessional StarsONLINE ACCELERATED HITTING PROGRAM COURSE OUTLINENote: Each lesson is approximately 15-20 minutes per day during the 16-Day course. But you can revisit the platform at anytime using your CiSDA MoLIP login Identification Number.Lesson 1: INTRODUCTION TO CiSDA / HOW TO USE THE MoLIP / WHO AM ILesson 2: STRIKE ZONE DISCIPLINE / VISION PLANLesson 3: THE ABSOLUTES OF HITTINGLesson 4: SELECTIVE AGGRESSIVE APPROACHLesson 5: THE PROGRESSIVE BIG LEAGUE AT BATLesson 6: THE PROFESSIONAL SWINGLesson 7: PITCH RECOGNITION & PITCH SEQUENCELesson 8: DRILLS, BATTING PRACTICE & GAMELesson 9: ADVANCE HITTING MEETING / MENTAL CHECK 1Lesson 10: BARREL EFFICIENCYLesson 11: LAUNCH ANGLELesson 12: SITUATIONAL HITTING PART 1Lesson 13: SITUATIONAL HITTING PART 2Lesson 14: TWO-STRIKE APPROACHLesson 15: MENTAL GAME PLAN PART 1Lesson 16: MENTAL GAME PLAN PART 2 / FINAL AT BATCOST:This course normally cost $399.99. Take advantage of our Early Star Enrollment Special and receive $100.00 off and pay just $299.99 if you enroll today!